This week Brenda and I visited some of the senior aged people of our congregation.  Over the past twelve plus years we have been blessed with a great relationship with those who are older than we are.  I have been impressed with how these dear saints of God have embraced the change that has taken place within our church.  Whether it was a building expansion fundraising program, pushing forward in passionate worship, changing the name of our church, or starting new Compass sites, these beautiful friends have embraced us and the adventure.  This is impressive.

I was reminded of the power of words this week as we visited one of the senior women from our congregation.  We came to say goodbye and her face lit up when we walked into the room.  We praised God together for what he has done and is doing in her life.  I then told her, what I have told so many people in our church family over the years, “you are loved!”  Simple words but very powerful words.  Over the years she has questioned whether or not she was loved.  I have sat with her through many of these dark times of the soul.  There is nothing more lonely than wondering whether you are loved.  She thanked me for the many times that I told her that she was indeed loved.  On this past Thursday she heard these powerful words once again, “you are loved.”  She has been reminded that she is loved by the God who died for her and loved by the church family who cared for her.

Love those words.