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Earl Marshall

Planting Churches that Plant Churches

@harvestbiblefellowship we are devoted to establishing, growing and multiplying churches that plant churches. Multiplication is what we are about. In my conversations with church leaders I am finding that there is a strong desire among many to experience multiplication. For all multiplication is a worthy goal and yet one that seems so far beyond the reach of the day to day reality that many leaders of new and established churches are experiencing.

This weekend I was in Texas assisting @harvestsa train and install their elders. This was such a great weekend but the story of Harvest Bible Chapel San Antonio is really the story of Harvest Bible Chapel Austin.

IMG_2231When you consider what it means to multiply as a church think of the definition of a church planting church as, “one that either sends out a group of people to start a new church in a community or sends out a man to be the Senior Pastor of a new church in a community.” This has to be built into your DNA from the beginning of your church or in the case of a transitioning church, become a value that is promoted and celebrated time and time again.

Bryan Payne even while his church was small numerically and young in age released Joshua de Koning from Harvest Austin to plant Harvest San Antonio. There is no rational reason for this to have happened the way that it did but when planting churches is in your DNA you look for the God given opportunity. We celebrate along with Harvest Austin and Harvest San Antonio the multiplication of churches for the glory of God in Texas and around the world.

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  1. Amen, tragically most of us as Pastors have the idea that we need to grow before we begin giving. Christ said, give and it shall be given unto you.

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