I am so thankful to God for my wife and the mother of our children. I feel compelled to express how much I appreciate Brenda. She is an amazing godly example to many but it is her ministry to me and our family that continues to move my heart to love her more every day and year that we are blessed to be together.

IMG_2508Many women know this truth, being a mom is both a joy and a crucible of sanctification. In most cases being a mother also means being a wife and many days that requires an entirely deeper level of endurance. Such has been the case for us these past couple of years. We finished serving in a church, thought we were going to plant a church, ended up moving to Chicago, and have dealt with the ongoing challenges of relocation. It has been a marathon full of joy and the constant hurdling of obstacles.

This beautiful woman that is my friend and cherished love has been dragged through so much the past couple of years that words hardly do justice the amount of gratitude I have for her. She has shown grace through all of it and a strong call of God on her life as she has walked with me through all of this.

So this is for you Brenda. You are an amazing woman of God. I love you so much. God has forged in you a deep contentment and joy for serving others for His glory. Your life is a constant overflow of the close relationship you have with Christ. Thank you!