Week one of the cancer treatment was difficult. The Cancer Team communicated all of the potential side effects ahead of time and thankfully I did not experience all of them. Receiving the treatment in the hospital was actually the easiest part of the first week, minus the bruises I now have on my arms from failed intravenous attempts. The worst part of the week was the latter half of the week after receiving my Neulasta needle. I am grateful for the boost in production of my white blood cell count but I felt just absolutely lousy for most of the week. Weak, nausea, brutal insomnia, inflamed mid-section, what felt like an advanced heart rate at night . . . just crazy. I am looking forward to talking to my doctor about all of this next week as I get ready for Round 2 to begin.

I am in week two. I am affectionately calling it the first week of a two week vacation from my cancer treatment. I don’t take any drugs this week or next and the biggest challenge has been sleep. Every day seems to get a bit better. I am so thankful for that. So far I have been able to keep on working. I am off the treatment weeks but I have been trying to do 5 hour days at the church office. I love the people I work with and getting to interact in decision making and ministry even if at a reduced level. This has been helpful for my spirits.

I am so grateful for the many who have maintained contact with me and are praying for both Brenda and I. We are blessed with the many who care deeply about and for us.

God is answering prayers.

Please pray for the beginning of Round 2 on April 15. This is the hardest thing right now, knowing that I have to go through this again.