Monday April 15 is the start of round two of chemo treatment. I do know what to expect tomorrow morning which is helpful but I am not looking forward to it. I don’t think any round of treatment is going to be comfortable. I am growing in my embracing of the chemo as good for me and my fight against cancer.  I continue to ask God to use chemo as the his means of healing. Asking that this would be his will and all for his glory.

I have been impressed by the Spirit of God to be bold in my prayers. So I am asking God for protection in the midst of the healing. I am also trying to be bold in applying Philippians 4:2-11 to my life. The Apostle Paul says, “rejoice in the Lord.” This is not a random be happy, or always be up/positive but there is a object/subject of rejoicing and it is the Lord. He says, “rejoice in the Lord” – rejoice in who he is, what he has done and what he is doing. He also says, “The Lord is at hand.” The reason I have no need of anxiety tomorrow or any other day after that is because the Lord is at hand, he is near, he is here. I love this picture. The Lord right by my side. This is absolute protection. I can call on him because he is at hand.

Don’t be anxious about “anything.” There are no limits to that word. But in “everything”, I love the fact that there is nothing I need to be anxious about but in the everything of life, again no limits to that word, I am called to do something very specific. Interesting that when things don’t go the way that I want my first response, my tendency, is to fret, complain, feel sorry for myself, or even try to fix the problem that is causing the anxiety. The Apostle Paul says, “by prayer and supplication.” I need to understand the differences between these two words (more homework to be done here). I do see the magnitude of “with thanksgiving.” That is hard, praying in the midst of anxiety with thanksgiving. This gets to the heart of lament. There is clearly room in our prayers to God to bring our questions and frustrations with boldness but there is also trust (Psalm 13). I see thanksgiving as the fruit of trust. It is founded in knowing and believing in the sovereignty of God. It comes from being able to see his hand at work even in the anything and everything of life. It is not hiding from the hard things or even backing away from the questions and fears in the middle of the challenges. But as I trust I can be thankful.

As we let our requests be made known to God then something amazing happens . . . .


The peace of Christ guards my heart and mind. This is the battle ground. Cancer is not just a physical struggle it is a battle of the heart and mind. Peace guards when I/we apply Philippians 4:2-11 in our lives. This is awesome truth. This is freedom in life.