It has been a while since I originally read these verses as part of my journey through 2 Corinthians with cancer but they are even more important to me tonight. I am starting to begin to feel the cumulative effects of cancer treatment. I am thankful for how God is faithfully carrying me through the challenge. After my first round I found the rebound of the two weeks after the chemo treatment week to be such that I felt good strength. After my second round the rebound was not as strong and I can now begin to see that this journey may very well be a steady decline. I believe I am up for this with the strength of the Holy Spirit in my life. When I am weak is when God’s strength is on display. I believe that.

Now this is where the words of Paul in 2 Corinthians 1:6 ring true for me. He says that comfort comes when we patiently endure the sufferings. Paul is speaking to the Corinthian church and the suffering that they are going through that is common to Paul’s. I know this is different than my suffering but the applicational principle is true.

Comfort comes when you patiently endure in the suffering!

There is no short pathway to comfort. The kind of comfort that God gives comes through patient endurance in the suffering. There are many forms of comfort. There is the comfort of relief that you get when the struggle is removed. So many of us wish the circumstances that we face could just be gone from our lives. There is the comfort of distraction. Most of us understand that the brokenness that life brings does not just disappear and that is when some look for a temporary comfort through distraction. Looking for anything that can numb the pain or even for a short period of time transport you to another kind of reality. Some turn to abusive behaviours that eventually wear off. There is the comfort of patient endurance. This is the kind of comfort that 2 Corinthians 1:6 is talking about. This is what I long for. This is God’s comfort. This is normally a comfort found in the midst of the pain. I don’t believe that Paul is speaking of comfort as an end to the suffering but I do believe he is speaking to a comfort that is found in the suffering. To share in God’s comfort means to share in the sufferings.

All of this is accessible in our lives when we patiently endure.

I so needed to read that again tonight. No comfort without patient endurance.