I have been reminded that even in the midst of something so life-jolting as cancer people/I struggle with having the right affections. You would think something that is so life and death altering as cancer would rattle you into reality. 2 Corinthians 6:1-13 reminds me that this is not the case.

Persuasion is not always the problem. Now is the favourable time for salvation. There is never a better time than the now. The Apostle Paul says that he/we is not the obstacle to a person’s response of repentance and therefore, reconciliation with the Lord. He says in 6:11, “we have spoken freely to you . . . You are not restricted by us.” No, the problem is that they are restricted by their affections.

We are finding this to be true even with those who have cancer. Crazy really to face the reality of death without any sense of hope and still not turn to God. Our affections, the things we hold on to in our hearts are what keeps us from relationship with the Lord. We hold on to things, idolize things that are in replacement of God. The temple of God does not have agreement with idols. You can’t be unequally yoked. It does not work, at all!

We can preach, present the gospel with an open heart but if hearts are trapped by the affections of idols of this world, and they are, there is hope for salvation only with the Spirit of God tearing down the idols. Please Lord do this thing before our very eyes. Save us from ourselves.