Today (August 22) was the first time I have seen my cancer specialist since she called me on July 29 to let me know that the CT scan revealed no evidence of cancer in my lymph nodes or any other cancerous tumours in my body. Visiting with her today and hearing her reaffirm everything made it feel so real. I will continue monthly checkups for the next six months and then quarterly visits for two years and then . . . if I make it clear for five years I will be “released from the care of the cancer clinic.” It has been an amazing six months. There is nothing like walking through the valley of the shadow of death.

I am so thankful to God for the opportunity to enter into another ministry year able to serve him and I am most blessed to have experienced the amazing work that God has done on my soul these past six months. Weakness is God’s canvas in our lives to put the artistry of his power on display. He has chosen to do this in my life through a time of physical healing but also and more importantly by drawing me closer to himself. Praise be to God for that. There is a closeness to God that only weakness can provide.

I have been journeying through the Psalms during some of my cancer treatment and beyond. I was reminded through the question of Israel, “Can God spread a table in the wilderness?” (Psalm 78:19) that God brings his greatest blessings in the hardest places of life. I have been blessed to know the truth of Psalm 66:10, 12 and 16. That even though we are tested like silver, he does bring us out to a place of abundance and that this abundance many times is captured with this statement, “Come and hear, those of you who fear the Lord, and I will tell you about what God has done for my soul.”

Brenda and I are so thankful to the Lord for the prayers of people from all around the world. We have been overwhelmed with the love and care of God’s people.

All for his glory!